The Hargreaves Foundation supports The Polar Academy

April 2023

The Trustees of The Hargreaves Foundation are proud to announce that funding has been provided to The Polar Academy in Scotland, an organisation that works with 30 children a year that are struggling with poor mental health and lack self-esteem, and provides a programme including a 10 month intensive training course, and an immersion into the wilds of Greenland for 10 days. The funding provided by the Hargreaves Foundation will go towards the training in Scotland for participants living in poverty.  

Individuals targeted are those that are seemingly ‘invisible’ in their communities, that juggle multiple traumas, suffer abuse, struggle with their self confidence and have a clouded view of a way out of their situation. 

The Polar Academy has become an invaluable resource, that has helped alleviate the pressure on mental health services around Scotland and has provided employment opportunities for graduates as guides for future intakes. Furthermore, following the programme, the participants speak to 3,000 young people in their area, reaching up to 90,000 people total. The skills and confidence, along with the connection with the outdoors that the participants will form will last a lifetime.