The Hargreaves Foundation supports The Change Foundation

September 2020

The Hargreaves Foundation’s Trustees are pleased to confirm their support of the Netball 4 Change programme run by The Change Foundation.

Netball 4 Change uses the game of netball to teach girls affected by overuse of social media how to stay safe online. It empowers them to think more positively about their online network, how it can affect their future prospects and raises awareness of negative social media influences.

Netball 4 Change started in 2017 and has helped over 700 girls increase their knowledge about social media safety and reduce the time they spend on social media.  By using netball drills the programme also encourages physical fitness and team bonding. 

“We are delighted to help Netball 4 Change bring their programme to Bristol, supporting vulnerable and at-risk girls and young women aged 11-17 to stay safe online.  Through the power of sport participants will be empowered to engage with social media in a healthier and more constructive way that does not compromise their mental health, confidence and self-esteem.”

Louisa Hargreaves, September 2020