The Hargreaves Foundation supports Stepney Bank Stables

January 2024

The Trustees of Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce that Stepney Bank Stables have been granted funding to support a 12-month project enhancing the emotional and social capabilities of neurodiverse young people through involvement with their Equestrian Activities Club.


With research revealing that engagement with horses and stable activities has many therapeutic benefits, Stepney Bank Stables strive to empower neurodiverse young people. The funding will be used to progress Stepney Bank Stables’ latest project, which aims to address the limited opportunities and challenges faced by young people aged 8-18 years old with neurodiverse conditions who are living in areas of high deprivation.


With many neurodiverse children struggling with formal education, this project takes a user-led and therapeutic approach, involving practical learning and the development of lifelong social skills and responsibility. They predict that with funding from the Hargreaves Foundation, the project will engage 210 young people, with many achieving equestrian certification qualifications, and enhanced social skills and confidence. Notably, beneficiaries of this project are not restricted to the young people who participate in the project, but also include family members, collaborative partners, and the wider community.