The Hargreaves Foundation supports South Bristol Youth

August 2023

The Hargreaves Foundation is thrilled to announce its partnership with South Bristol Youth (SBY) to fund the expansion of their impactful ‘Learning to Lead’ programme. This initiative will benefit 144 children, offering a vital intervention spanning three crucial years of their educational journey.

The programme focuses on fostering skills, knowledge, and confidence among disadvantaged youth aged 9-12 in Hartcliffe and Withywood. Led by a primary literacy specialist and supported by a Youth Worker, the programme includes intensive interventions, storytelling workshops, cultural activities, community engagement, team-building exercises, and career exploration.

By addressing persistent absenteeism, low confidence, and limited opportunities, the programme aims to empower children to achieve better attendance, increased confidence, and improved enjoyment of school. Last year SBY’s programmes positively impacted over 1,500 young people, showcasing a commitment to opening doors and revealing the potential within every disadvantaged young person.

The Hargreaves Foundation is proud to support SBY’s mission in providing a transformative experience for these children, breaking barriers and helping them discover their capabilities.