The Hargreaves Foundation supports SocietyLinks Tower Hamlets

June 2023

The Hargreaves Foundation is proud to announce investment in SocietyLinks Tower Hamlets, a community-based charity making a significant impact since its establishment in 2010. This funding aims to support initiatives that provide a lifeline for vulnerable young people in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, fostering a sense of direction, purpose, and improved mental and physical well-being.

SocietyLinks is dedicated addressing the needs of underprivileged individuals through targeted projects, focusing on education, youth work, unemployment, social exclusion, and improving life chances. The foundation’s investment will enhance existing services, including youth clubs, sports activities, girls-only sessions, women’s well-being projects, and more.

The Hargreaves Foundation is injecting vitality into Tower Hamlets with this investment that introduces boxing and self-defence classes for young people. In response to local challenges, including a child poverty rate of 56%, these classes offer a dynamic avenue for exercise and positive engagement. With ‘street cred’ appeal of boxing and the practical life skills taught in self-defence classes, the initiative targets those uninterested in traditional sports. Funding covers two instructors, a boxing coach, a self-defence coach, and two youth workers per session, ensuring comprehensive support and referrals for vulnerable young people.

The project aims to engage disadvantaged youth, offering structure, support, and positive activities to those risk of antisocial behaviour, crime, and disengagement. The benefits include increased engagement in positive activities, better-informed decision-making, skill development, improved self-esteem, and enhanced physical well-being.