The Hargreaves Foundation supports SCAMPPS

February 2024

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce funding for SCAMPPS, a charity helping profoundly disabled children. This support will allow access to equipment to improve accessibility and allow children to spend time outside, exercising with their families.


Based in Surrey, SCAMPPS is a charity offering disabled children specialist equipment which is not available from statutory authorities. This includes specialist trikes, off-road buggies, and car seats, all of which are designed to increase the activity levels of disabled children.


This equipment is very expensive, and the funding will be used to provide two families with a specialist piece of equipment, either a Delichon off-road buggy or a Tomcat special needs Trike.


SCAMPPS said ‘Families will benefit from being able to get out and about with siblings on their bikes.  Having a Tomcat trike for example that a child with profound needs can cycle, can help make that child feel that they can ride their bike as much as a sibling, and the family need not be split up going out separately.’


SCAMPPS also has a recycling scheme will means that additional families can benefit from rehomed equipment.