The Hargreaves Foundation supports Ride High

September 2023

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce funding has been awarded to Ride High, a charity based in Milton Keynes that supports disadvantaged, vulnerable and at-risk children and young people by providing opportunities for them to learn to ride and care for horses.

Funding will give an additional 40 children and young people the opportunity to participate in Ride High’s Sport Plus programme, which enables disadvantaged young people to learn to ride, developing skills like coordination and communication and providing a safe space to make friends, build resilience and raise aspirations. Weekly three-hour lessons are delivered by qualified instructors and help improve participants’ physical and mental health. Lessons are supplemented by clubroom activities aimed at promoting happiness, developing social skills and building self-confidence.

The Sport Plus programme can last up to 12 months depending on a child’s needs, progress and individual circumstances. However, as many participants make significant progress within 12 weeks, the funding will focus on 12-week programmes.

Learning to ride develops skills and confidence, while looking after horses develops responsibility, a positive attitude, self-care, kindness, consideration and respect for others. Participants gain a sense of belonging and independence, and improve social skills through travelling together to lessons and participating in clubroom activities. All participants receive clothing and riding boots.