The Hargreaves Foundation supports Real Action

July 2021

The Trustees of The Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to confirm funding has been given to Real Action to support their Saturday reading classes.  Real Action is an independent, community-led, specialist education charity, based in West London.

Personal disadvantage is thought to result in educational underperformance. Such children proliferate among the residential and school communities that Real Action serves.  Poor literacy is a personal, social and cultural dead end.  No matter how deprived their background may be, children attending Real Actions’ Butterfly Saturday Reading School will see their reading age rocket up – by a year, on average, in just twenty hours’ Butterfly teaching.

“We are pleased to provide funding to the Butterfly Saturday Reading School so children can learn to read.  We support Real Action’s view that literacy is the key foundation that enables children to not only go on and acquire knowledge and understanding across the wider school curriculum, but also aiding the children’s social and emotional development too.”

Louisa Hargreaves, July 2021