The Hargreaves Foundation supports Just Kidz London

June 2023

Just Kidz London, with the support of The Hargreaves Foundation, is set to launch EXER Strong, an innovative after-school club aimed at addressing childhood obesity in Hackney and Harringay boroughs. Tailored for 43 children aged 6-14 from economically deprived backgrounds, the program provides a safe space for participants to improve physical fitness and confidence through sports and exercise.

In neighbourhoods ranking within the 40% lowest economic deprivation, children from BAME communities often face social isolation and an increased risk of obesity-related health issues. EXER Strong seeks to break this cycle by fostering a supportive environment where compassionate coaching eliminates shame and insecurity, associating exercise with fun and pleasure. The program aims to instil confidence, peer support, and physical health, challenging the negative perceptions of physical activity.

Over the 16-week course, participants will build confidence, skills, and healthy habits, with monthly feedback sessions for goal evaluation. Parents will indirectly benefit as they witness their children transform from inhibited to confident and physically capable individuals. The Hargreaves Foundation is proud to support initiatives like EXER Strong, contributing to positive, lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged youth.