The Hargreaves Foundation supports Growing Resilience in Teens (GRIT)

May 2023

The Hargreaves Foundation is proud to announce its support for Growing Resilience in Teens (GRIT), a charity combating teenage mental health in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. GRIT, founded by local GP Dr Louise Randall in 2018, employs constructive boxing coaching to teach emotional resilience to teenagers facing mental health challenges.

The Foundation’s funding will fuel GRIT’s expansion project, addressing the urgent demand for their programme due to unprecedented referrals from GPs and parents. The expansion plan involves onboarding two NHS Health and Wellbeing Coaches, enhancing the programme’s impact with increased mental health support.

The grant will also facilitate the training of additional boxing coaches and mindset coaches, along with administrative support to handle the influx of referrals. GRIT aims to deliver three more sessions per week to the 18-24 age group, extending their reach beyond the current teenage term-time programme.

GRIT’s success is measured through qualitative feedback and quantitative data reflecting the impact on all aspects of young people’s lives. The Hargreaves Foundation’s commitment underscores its belief in the power of initiatives like GRIT to make a real difference in the lives of young people facing mental health crises.