The Hargreaves Foundation supports Fight for Peace Academy

January 2024

The Trustees of Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to confirm funding for Fight for Peace, a charity using combat sport combined with education to help realise the potential of young people in communities that suffer from crime and violence.


Based in Newham, East London, Fight for Peace run various programmes designed to support young people at differing levels of intervention. All these interventions aim to reduce social isolation, encourage positive social relations with peers, increase physical activity, and support the development of life skills.


Having worked with over 800 young people since 2007, Fight for Peace have established themselves as a prestigious charity, winning the Children and Young People Now Award for Youth Justice in 2020.


As Newham is one of 4 London Boroughs facing the largest ‘County Lines’ problems, with children as young as 7 being targeted, Fight for Peace are seeking support from the Hargreaves Foundation to pilot a Twilights programme aimed at 7–14-year-olds. This programme aims to increase the number of sessions and places within the current Twilight programme.  Additionally, the programme will offer other combat sports such as Judo and Muay Thai and offer holiday sessions which would include a meal to support families who depend upon free school meals.