The Hargreaves Foundation supports Empire Fighting Chance

July 2023

The Hargreaves Foundation is proud to announce its collaboration with Empire Fighting Chance, backing their innovative sport-based programs that meld boxing and psychology to create a profound impact on the lives of vulnerable young people. Born on Bristol’s streets in 2006, the charity's transformative approach helps young individuals overcome the challenges posed by poverty.

Empire Fighting Chance’s flagship program, BoxChampions, combines boxing with psychologically informed mentoring, utilising the street credibility of the sport to recruit 200 vulnerable young people annually. With the funding over three years, participants will engage in structured weekly sessions, learning boxing techniques while receiving support to set and achieve personal goals.

The holistic 20-week program incorporates evidence-based psychological principles, addressing the complex issues faced by the target group, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). By providing a safe and welcoming environment in Easton, inner-city Bristol, the program aims to achieve improved mental health, reduced negative behaviours, healthier relationships, enhanced physical health, improved attitudes, and increased engagement for young participants aged 8-18.

The Hargreaves Foundation recognises the timely importance of Empire Fighting Chance’s work, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges. The foundation’s support will play a crucial role in empowering young individuals to navigate and overcome these obstacles, fostering positive change in their lives.