The Hargreaves Foundation supports Durham Agency Against Crime

September 2023

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce funding has been awarded to the Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC), an organisation that works with young people at risk of offending, providing sporting and educational activities that foster life skills and facilitate long-term change. DAAC currently engages with 20,000 young people, effecting positive change that supports their personal development and reduces the risk factors that can lead to crime.

DAAC uses a three-step model to help at-risk young people, beginning with police-led education on common issues affecting young people and their communities, including perceptions of people, groups and authority, environmental crime, criminal damage, drugs and alcohol, assault, weapons, domestic violence, hate crime and dishonesty. Participants then embark on a community horticultural project, to make a positive contribution to the local community, build self-esteem and increase community confidence.

The participants work towards a national qualification in horticulture that is provided by DAAC and accredited by City & Guilds. The funding will contribute to two secondary school projects in socially deprived areas of County Durham, supporting 24 young people over 40 weeks (full school year) to earn at least one qualification.