The Hargreaves Foundation supports Care to Dance

September 2023

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce funding has been granted to Care to Dance, an organisation that supports young people in care through dance and social work. Care to Dance operates in five regions: the North-East, London, East Midlands, North-West and South-East.

The funding will be used to match-fund two 12-month dance programmes in partnership with Oxfordshire and Bury Local Authority. Led by qualified social workers, each programme consists of weekly dance classes, several performance opportunities, two celebration events and social activities, including theatre visits and team-building exercises.

A dance leadership programme is also provided, whereby young people over the age of 12 can obtain Level 1 and Level 2 Dance Leadership qualifications, accredited by sports leaders. The two 12-month programmes will support 30 young people (15 in each programme) to increase their mental and physical health through dance.

The workshops provide a safe space for young people to come together, learn to dance and express themselves creatively through movement, while building meaningful relationships and developing a sense of belonging within a supportive community.