The Hargreaves Foundation supports Berkshire Youth

February 2024

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are delighted to confirm funding for Berkshire Youth, a charity creating programmes to support young disadvantaged people with adverse childhood experiences.


At Berkshire Youth we are committed to supporting, empowering and inspiring young people…we aim to work in a preventative way to help improve their life chances, engaging them in innovative and relational ways to help them improve their core competencies.’


Serving young people, Berkshire Youth has a significant track record of providing excellent and effective youth support services for more than 80 years. They directly provide activities which promote a healthy lifestyle and develop good self-esteem.  They also work alongside young people to shape services and support existing clubs within the local area.


The refurbishment of the Waterside Centre has been pivotal in providing a space where local young people can access support from youth workers. This funding from the Hargreaves Foundation will be used to renovate the existing climbing wall at the Waterside Centre, which currently is not accessible to young people with disabilities. This will include the installation of new climbs suitable for disability users and safety accessories.


Following refurbishment, Berkshire Youth will be able to run an accessible climbing club, with plans to open their resources at the Waterside Centre to more young people who do not have such resources in their local area.