The Hargreaves Foundation supports Autism Berkshire

December 2023

The Trustees of The Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to confirm funding for Autism Berkshire, a charity delivering quality specialist services to autistic people throughout Berkshire.


Providing services such as helplines, leisure activities, autism-specific training, and educational support, Autism Berkshire are currently supporting more than 1,100 families and more than 300 autistic adults. The positive impact of the charity’s support on autistic people and their families has been recognised through the Platinum Excellence Award granted on behalf of the Slough Quality Protects Programme in 2018.


To continually enhance the quality of life for autistic people, Autism Berkshire are requesting a grant to fund trampolining sessions at the Bracknell Trampoline Centre. These sessions aim to increase children’s level of exercise, strengthen their motor skills and co-ordination, and support social interactions.  Parents and carers will be able to be present at the sessions, giving them an opportunity to receive mutual support and make friends in a safe environment.  


Funding is particularly vital for this project as Autism Berkshire aim to avoid asking families for financial contributions, recognising the financial pressures many families face due to the additional costs of having a child with disabilities.