The Hargreaves Foundation supports Ability Consultancy

August 2022

The Trustees of the Hargreaves Foundation are pleased to announce funding for Ability Consultancy NW Ltd to fund the purchase of running frames for disabled children between the ages of 8-18.

Ability Consultancy is an innovative organisation run by disabled people in the North-West of England. They are the only providers of frame running sessions in the area. Frame running is a relatively new sport in the Paralympic Games. It is a sport aimed at people with severe cerebral palsy, arthritis affected and amputees who are unable to functionally run. With a frame runner, people with profound physical disabilities can experience the feeling of running, which for most is a totally new experience.

The organisation already has two running frames that they use to deliver sessions from a hub in Manchester. The funding will enable the purchase of two additional running frames to support increasing demand and to offer a greater range of sizes of frames. This will allow anyone of any size to access the hub. The hub runs weekly sessions at a running track. Taking part in the sessions enables young people to be more independent, to develop confidence and most importantly, to experience running the first time.

This significant donation from The Hargreaves Foundation shows the charity’s commitment to supporting and transforming young lives through sport.